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Log Analytics Using AWS and Azure

What is Log Analytics?

Log analytics is the process of looking up, examining, and visualizing machine data produced by your IT infrastructure and systems to acquire operational insights. The diversity and volume of machine data that is quickly growing simply cannot be managed by traditional data analytics techniques. You can gain unprecedented visibility into your apps and infrastructure with the help of the fully managed Amazon OpenSearch Service, which gathers, indexes, and integrates logs and metrics from all around your environment. For the most demanding log analytics applications, Amazon OpenSearch Service provides the scale, flexibility, and security you require.

Why use Amazon OpenSearch Service for Log Analytics?

Easy to Deploy and Control

Your cluster can be easily set up and deployed with the help of Amazon OpenSearch Service, which also takes care of the complexity of management tasks like hardware provisioning, software installing and patching, failure recovery, backups, and monitoring. This allows you to cut down on operational costs and concentrate on your company's essential needs.

Obtain Scale and Endurance

Amazon OpenSearch Service provides up to 3 PB of instance storage in a single domain and allows you to simply add or delete instances without any downtime. In addition, the service includes built-in encryption at rest and in transit, user authentication, and VPC compatibility, allowing you to keep your data secure.

Integrate Seamlessly with other AWS Services

Amazon OpenSearch Service integrates with other AWS services, including Kinesis Data Firehose, Managed Streaming for Kafka, IoT, CloudWatch Logs, KMS, Cognito, and IAM, allowing you to securely ingest, analyze, and visualize data from any source.

Reduce Your Expenses

When using Amazon OpenSearch Service, you only pay for what you use. There are no setup fees or usage minimums. With 24x7 monitoring and AWS support, you do not require a team of Elasticsearch experts to grow, secure, and monitor your infrastructure, resulting in a lower total cost of operations.


Real-time Application and Infrastructure Monitoring

Gain complete visibility into your application and infrastructure stack by collecting and centralizing all logs and metrics from your IT and application silos. This ensures uptime. The data is indexed by the Amazon OpenSearch Service, making it accessible for real-time analytics and allowing you to view performance metrics using Kibana dashboards.

Root-cause Analysis

Reduce the mean-time-to-identification (MTTI) and mean-time-to-resolution by quickly identifying the issues across your environment (servers, code) (MTTR). With integrated Kibana, Amazon OpenSearch Service enables you to search through millions of events and correlate them across your applications and infrastructure to quickly identify the problem's root cause and increase uptime.

Clickstream Analytics

Get a real-time perspective of how your web content is doing and how users are interacting with your applications and websites, including information on user behavior, time spent, and popular content. You may easily aggregate and analyze your clickstream logs to get a better knowledge of your customers using Amazon OpenSearch Service, Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose, or Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka.

Log Analytics Using Azure

What is Log Analytics in Azure?

The Azure portal's Log Analytics tool enables you to update and run log analytics on data from Azure Monitor Logs and then actively analyze the results. Azure log analytics can be used to search and collect data from various monitor logs that fulfil special needs to better comprehend the data. Azure Log Analytics is a product or service offered by Azure Monitor. To offer a unified monitoring experience, Azure Monitor has combined App Insights with Azure log analytics. At this time, the term 'log analytics' refers to the Azure portal page that is used to create, run, and review log data.

What is Azure Log Analytics Workspace?

Different Azure Monitors may be used to monitor the various resources we have under different subscriptions. But where is the data from those monitors stored? The answer is Azure Log Analytics Workspace. An Azure Log Analytics Workspace is a logical storage unit in Azure that stores all log data produced by Azure Monitors. Azure Log Analytics Workspace simplifies the management of log data acquired from diverse data sources, such as Azure Virtual Machines. The primary administrative unit for Azure Monitor Logs is a Log Analytics workspace. All data collected by monitors must be stored and processed somewhere. Log Analytics Workspace functions as a logical storage unit, allowing you to quickly store, maintain, and query data collected from multiple Azure services that have been monitored to provide important insights into those resources.

Azure Monitoring

Obtain telemetry data from your on-premises and Azure installations, analyze it, and take appropriate action. Azure Monitor enables you to optimize the performance and availability of your applications and quickly spot issues before they become serious.

Monitor Your Applications

Get all you require to keep an eye on your web applications' usage, performance, and availability, whether they are hosted on Azure or locally. In addition to integrating with DevOps practices and tools like Azure DevOps, Jira, and PagerDuty, Azure Monitor supports well-known programming languages and frameworks like NET, Java, and Node.js. Keep track of events, requests, and live metrics streams.

Monitor Your Infrastructure

Analyze and enhance the performance of your infrastructure, including databases, virtual machines (VMs), Azure Storage, and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Follow the health and dependencies of your Linux and Windows virtual machines on a single map.

Monitor Your Network

Without login onto your virtual machines, you can track and analyze networking issues. Get insight and control over your Azure network by starting a packet capture, analyzing network security group flow logs, diagnosing routing problems, and more.



Track and analyze all your operational information in a centralized, fully managed, scalable data warehouse optimized for performance and cost.


Utilizing the sophisticated analytical engine, interactive query language, and built-in machine learning structures, evaluate your theories and identify hidden patterns.


Integrate technologies for IT service management, DevOps, issue management, security information, and event management.

Gain Insights from Your Data

Utilize the robust analytics platform's expansive query language to quickly analyze, interact with, and get insights from massive volumes of operational data. Utilize intelligent analytics and machine learning technologies to pinpoint abnormalities and identify issues fast.


Access to 'too much knowledge' could disappear in the future. Log analytics can assist you in successfully navigating the mountains of log data so that you can concentrate on better application performance, more effective tracking of anomalies to ensure they are not cybersecurity-related, and the creation of reports that can be used to improve the infrastructure of your agency.

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