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5 ways to Improve Customer Experience Using Digital Transformation

70% of businesses have a digital transformation strategy in place. By 2025, global investment in digital transformation will total 2.8 trillion dollars. However, only 31% of digital transformation firms are driven by experience. Experience-led businesses have 1.6 times higher customer satisfaction ratings and 1.9 times higher average order value, increasing revenue by 20 to 40%.

Many businesses fail to recognize that digital transformation is about the customer, not the technology. This article offers five methods for improving customer experience through digital transformation.


Have a Customer-Centric Digital First Strategy: Customers expect the companies to serve a seamless experience with their products. Two-thirds of the company's competitive edge comes from its customer experience. Customer-centric digital transformation enables a company to drive better sales, align operations, and increase profits. The goal must be to approach the customers in the most effective way possible to stay loyal to your brand and increase customer satisfaction.


Remove Bottlenecks: Understanding the constraints in a customer journey should be the first step in implementing a customer-centric digital strategy. According to Forbes, data mastery and intelligent workflows are among the simplest areas to quantify and incorporate in a business case for digital transformation projects aimed at providing a superior customer experience.


Give Your Customers an Omnichannel Experience: Customers no longer prefer a single-channel marketing strategy. As a customer-centric company, it is crucial to have an omnichannel presence focusing on both traditional and digital touchpoints. They have the freedom to research a product by reading blogs, comparing the reviews online, checking different products at a store, and ultimately buying them elsewhere. Using the right data analytics tools and CRM software makes it easy to have this as a part of your digital strategy.


Shift to Cloud: Adopting the cloud can enhance customer experience by decreasing wait times, easing the product development process, and providing more visibility and insights into a customer's journey. This helps you to be proactive in your customer needs, improving the overall customer experience.


Improve Continuously: Digital transformation is not a one-time commitment. It is a process that needs to be agile based on the customer's needs. New innovations and ever-emerging technologies need every company to stay on foot to provide customers with a seamless experience.


Customers are always the protagonists of a company. It is our responsibility to reach their expectations and serve them the best we can. With EverestDX's customer-first approach, we specialize in helping you structurize a customer-centric digital strategy that can help you gain a competitive edge.

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