Cloud Intelligent Management (CiM)

An autonomous Hybrid, Multi-cloud Management Platform

CiM delivers an intelligent multi-cloud management platform that manages traditional work-loads to containers across major cloud providers. CiM enables enterprises with self-service provisioning, Intelligent Operations and Insight. Also enforces cloud governance and optimize cloud consumption to reduce cost while not compromising Speed and Security.

The CiM solution, with three primary Platform components that support the growing influence of Digital I&O (Infrastructure and Operations) includes:

  • Multi-cloud Orchestration and Management
  • Inteligent Operations(BOTs) - Governance, Compliance and Optimization
  • Analytics & Insights - Cost Management, Correlation, and end to end IT Insights

Having Hybrid Multi-cloud Challenges?

Multi-cloud Integration
Cost Visibility
Lack of Governance
Increased Complexity
Security Threats
Operational Efficiency

CiM Suite


Unified integration layers across technologies and platforms. Catalog based multi-cloud Orchestration, Action Center with Single click remediation, Manage Resources, Event Center, Tagging, Cost management and insights. Enforce multi-cloud governance by guiding user decisions to reduce risk.

Intelligent BOTs

Powerful Self-Healing, Event driven intelligence operational platform to accelerate Autonomous Operations with actionable recommendations, and provides realtime Gaming Dashboard with insights to BOTs performance.

Analytics & Insights

AI-powered analytics Platform provides 360 Degree View of Enterprise IT by Realtime Dashboards, Event Driven correlation and predictive capabilities to Optimize and to drive continuous improvement.


  • Multi-cloud Governance
  • Single Pane View
  • Cost Visibility and Management
  • BOT Insights and Gaming Dashboard
  • Catalog Based Provisioning and Blueprint
  • One Click Remediation
  • Event driven correlation and remediation
  • Autonomous Operations
  • Optimized Resource Utilization
  • Policy Based Enforcement
  • Tagging Compliance and Remediation
  • RESTAPI access for easier DevOps Integration.
  • Granular Attribute Based Access Control
  • Real Time Insights and Analytics