Vidyut ....... Smarter, Data Driven IoT Decisions

Smarter AI- Integrated large scale streaming Sensor and IoT Analysis

There are 7.2 Billion Smart Devices in this world, more than the number of people on Earth. But there are very few technologies that can work at a scale that can make a real difference. In our search for a truly scalable, lightweight and fast platform, we ventured into the world of other verticals to develop the fastest IoT and Sensor Analytics Platform in the world for mid to large scale manufacturers.

Vidyut - The world’s first AI-Integrated, Industry 4.0 - ready, large scale streaming Sensor and IoT Data Analytics Platform. Capable of ingesting up to 50 TB of data, Vidyut can provide real time analysis on critical scientific measurements. Vidyut is available as an on-demand SaaS application so that organizations can scale up without high up-front investments. In-built advanced compression and a low-latency NoSQL columnar database combined with a sophisticated Cloud architecture enables querying vast amounts of both real time and historic data on a single unified interface.

Real Time Analysis

Outliner Analysis

The Outlier Analysis module tracks quantile and other statistical measures to identify and allow users to visualize large data in a concise, intuitive and information-rich interface. Users can observe trends over time and detect anomalies & outliers without going through huge numeric spreadsheets!

Failure Analysis

The Failure Analysis module correlates successes and failures across products, such as printed circuit boards (PCB) as they move across production lines during the manufacturing and assembly process. Users can get a bird’s eye-view of production data and implement corrective measures as they happen when they happen.

Global Data Mapping

Using advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software, the platform can create overlay information on various metrics across production sites. In this case, we created clusters using machine learning clustering algorithms to find patterns in production issues and performance quality across global sites.

3D Scientific Graphics

The platform supports visualization of complex 3-dimensional volumetric data apart from the standard charting options. This feature, one of the first among BI tools provide scientists and engineers the ability to collect, query, analyze and now also visualize data from a unified interface without requiring multiple tools.

Key Differentiators

  • Unlimited Data
  • Real Time & Historian BI Visualizations
  • On-Premise or On-CLoud
  • Secure, Reliable Enterprise Environment
  • Correlation Analysis on large scale SMT (Surface Mount Tech.) production line data
  • Proprietary visualization using graphic libraries for scientific data analysis and visualization
  • Extensive support for connected devices, IoT and advanced sensor analytics
  • Connects natively with R, Python and other languages for AI and Machine Learning

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